North Attleboro Accident Near Exit 7: How to Navigate the I-95 Closure

In a shocking turn of events today, a severe accident unfolded near Exit 7 on I-95 in North Attleboro, leading to significant disruptions and a temporary shutdown of the northbound lanes. As this is breaking news, details are still emerging about the incident, including the types of vehicles involved and the extent of injuries. The repercussions are not limited to those involved in the accident; they extend to everyone who uses this arterial route. In this article “North Attleboro Accident Near Exit 7: How to Navigate the I-95 Closure“, we’ll walk you through the essential details about the accident and offer guidance on how to navigate around the I-95 closure. For those looking for a momentary diversion during these trying times, you can check out for some engaging content.

North Attleboro Accident Near Exit 7: How to Navigate the I-95 Closure
North Attleboro Accident Near Exit 7: How to Navigate the I-95 Closure

I. North Attleboro Accident Near Exit 7: How to Navigate the I-95 Closure

1. Briefly describe the North Attleboro accident near Exit 7 on I-95.

Around 4:30 PM in North Attleboro, a serious collision occurred near Exit 7 on I-95. The accident prominently involved a heavily damaged black sedan and a silver SUV, which exhibited severe front-end damages and deployed airbags.

2. Mention that this is a breaking news accident on 95 today.

This incident is the breaking news accident on 95 today, drawing significant attention from both local and national news outlets.

3. State the importance of knowing how to navigate the I-95 closure for local residents and those traveling through the area.

For local residents of North Attleboro and commuters transiting through the area, understanding the I-95 closure and alternate routes becomes paramount. This knowledge is essential to ensure a smoother, safer travel experience during this challenging time.

II. Crash shuts down part of Near Exit 7 in North Attleboro

III. The Incident: What Happened

1. Details of the Accident

The tragic accident occurred around 4:30 PM near Exit 7 on Interstate 95 in North Attleboro. The collision involved two primary vehicles—a black sedan with severe structural damage, including a missing roof, and a silver SUV whose front end was severely crumpled, with airbags deployed. The immediate aftermath of this devastating incident is grim, with at least two individuals sustaining life-threatening injuries. Tragically, authorities have also reported at least one fatality at the scene.

2. Official Statements

Sergeant James Matthews of the Massachusetts State Police had this to say during a media briefing: “We are dealing with a critical situation. Our teams are fully deployed, focusing on aiding the victims and clearing the scene for public safety. We ask the public to cooperate and divert their routes until the area is secure.” Additional remarks from local emergency services reaffirm the severity of the incident, emphasizing the rapid deployment of first responders to the site and urging the public to heed detour signs and stay clear of the area for their safety and to facilitate ongoing rescue operations.

IV. Breaking news accident on 95 today

1. Immediate Actions by Emergency Services

Within minutes of the accident report, emergency response teams were dispatched to the scene near Exit 7 on I-95 in North Attleboro. Firefighters, paramedics, and police officers worked diligently to secure the area, assist the injured, and investigate the cause of the collision. Firefighters were seen extinguishing a small fire in one of the vehicles, while paramedics focused on attending to the severely injured individuals. The speed and efficiency of these actions underscore the readiness and training of our local emergency services.

2. Road Closure Impact

The immediate effect of the accident led to the temporary closure of all northbound lanes on I-95. Authorities have set up detour signs to reroute traffic, but delays are expected. The closure is critical both to ensure public safety and to allow emergency services to perform their duties unhindered.

3. Current Status of Affected Individuals

As this is breaking news, details are still emerging. However, initial reports confirm that at least two individuals have sustained life-threatening injuries. Emergency medical teams have rushed them to a nearby hospital for urgent care. Unfortunately, authorities have also reported at least one fatality at the scene. Updates on the conditions of the injured will be provided as more information becomes available.

V. Traffic Impact and Lane Closures

1. Extent of Traffic Delays

The impact of the accident near Exit 7 on I-95 has caused considerable delays for commuters and local residents. Tailbacks have been reported to extend for several miles, causing a ripple effect that has slowed down traffic on adjacent roads as well. Authorities estimate that the traffic could be severely impacted for the next several hours as the investigation and cleanup continue.

2. Lane Closures and Duration

All northbound lanes on I-95 near Exit 7 have been temporarily closed to facilitate emergency response actions and investigation. Initial estimates suggest that the lanes may remain closed for up to 4-6 hours. However, these are approximate times and are subject to change as the situation evolves.

3. Navigating the I-95 Closure: Tips and Alternative Routes

  • Use Exit 5 or Exit 9 as Alternatives: If you’re headed northbound, consider taking Exit 5 to Route 152 or Exit 9 to Route 1 as detours to avoid the accident site.
  • Local Roads: Utilizing local roads can be a viable alternative, though they are likely to experience higher traffic volumes due to the closure.
  • Real-Time Traffic Apps: Apps like Waze or Google Maps provide real-time traffic information and can offer alternate routes to help you navigate around the closure.
  • Public Transit: If possible, consider using public transportation to bypass the congested area altogether.
  • Stay Informed: Keep an eye on traffic reports and updates from local authorities. Being informed will help you make better decisions on how to navigate the closure.

VI. Ongoing police investigation

1. Ongoing Investigations

As of now, Massachusetts State Police and local authorities are in the midst of an intensive investigation to determine the exact cause of the accident near Exit 7 on I-95 in North Attleboro. While preliminary findings suggest a collision between at least two vehicles, full details are yet to be released. Specialists are on the scene gathering evidence, and any eye-witnesses are urged to come forward.

2. Breaking News: Full Details Pending

It’s important to note that this is still breaking news, and full details about the accident, the individuals involved, and the extent of the injuries and damages are not yet available. We will continue to update this story as more information comes to light.

VII. Conclusion

1. Summary and Takeaways

In summary, a major accident occurred near Exit 7 on I-95 in North Attleboro, leading to significant traffic delays and a temporary closure of all northbound lanes. Emergency services acted swiftly, and an ongoing investigation is being conducted by Massachusetts State Police. While this is breaking news and complete details are still pending, it’s crucial to be aware of how to navigate the I-95 closure effectively.

2. Importance of Navigating the I-95 Closure

Given that this is breaking news about an accident on I-95 today, understanding how to navigate around the affected area is essential for both local residents and those traveling through. Various alternative routes and real-time traffic apps can assist in avoiding the congestion caused by the closure.

3. Stay Tuned and Exercise Caution

We urge all readers to stay tuned for further updates as new information becomes available. If you must drive in the area, exercise extreme caution and be prepared for sudden changes in traffic patterns. Your safety, and the safety of others, is the highest priority.

Please note that all information presented in this article has been obtained from a variety of sources, including and several other newspapers. Although we have tried our best to verify all information, we cannot guarantee that everything mentioned is correct and has not been 100% verified. Therefore, we recommend caution when referencing this article or using it as a source in your own research or report.

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